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At MoT Team Productions, we are more than just an animation studio; we are storytellers, dreamers, and creators on a mission to craft captivating and beloved animated shows for your entertainment.Our journey began with a passion for bringing stories to life through the art of animation. Today, we proudly produce immersive 3D animation shows designed to resonate with teenagers, young adults, and audiences of all ages. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every frame, delivering the highest quality experiences possible.While we pour our hearts into our larger animation projects, we understand that the magic of animation extends beyond the screen. That's why we offer a diverse range of content, from behind-the-scenes glimpses of our creative process to interactive live streams, VTubing content, and much more. We believe in engaging with our community, sharing our knowledge, and connecting with fellow animation enthusiasts.MoT Team Productions is more than a studio; it's a home for creativity, collaboration, and innovation. We are proud to introduce you to our team, each member bringing their unique talents to the table. Together, we create worlds, characters, and stories that inspire, entertain, and ignite your imagination.Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to expand our horizons, explore new possibilities, and remain dedicated to the art of animation while we explore this vast world, engaging with our communitiy and embarking on adventures beyond your wildest needs. So thank you for choosing MoT Team Productions for your entertainment needs.Welcome to our story. Welcome to MoT Team Productions.

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Exciting news! The MoT Team Productions Merch is now available for you to wear! You can choose between clothing featuring Nicole, Chloe, Elitty, Candy, or Monster. This is our inaugural merch launch, with new items planned for the future. Your purchase will also support our projects, so please visit our store by clicking the button below.

Monster of Truth


The creator and driving force behind the successful Monster Of Truth channel and MoT Team Productions is none other than the founder of the company. From the very beginning, Monster was inspired by other animators and their works, which led them to embark on a journey of learning animation in 2014. It wasn't until 2016 that they started to gain attention from viewers with their recent animation videos, ultimately getting recognized by the youtube channel name, "Monster Of Truth".Monster's passion for bringing their ideas to life and sharing them with the world never waned. They continued to create content that they loved, never stopping in their pursuit of excellence. Despite their creative prowess, Monster struggled with organization, scheduling, and managing their workload. To that end, they decided to hire individuals to help them in those areas.Over time, Monster realized that their work had the potential to become something greater. They dedicated themselves to making this dream a reality and, in 2023, they finally achieved it. As the founder of the company, Monster's primary objective is to create content that they are happy with, writing compelling stories, and animating them. For this reason, Monster chose not to take on the role of CEO of the company, but rather to focus on what they do best - creating outstanding animation content.

Nicole Tyler


Nicole Tyler is a remarkable individual who has made significant contributions to the success of Monster Of Truth. As the first person to be hired by Monster, Nicole demonstrated exceptional skills and a willingness to go above and beyond in assisting the team with recording, editing, managing, and reviewing content.Nicole created her own YouTube channel but struggled to find her niche. Currently, the channel is on hold, but she aspires to upload videos later on that she believes people will find interesting.In this role, Nicole is responsible for overseeing the team's efforts and ensuring that everything they produce meets the highest standards of excellence. Her exceptional leadership skills, coupled with her passion for creating compelling videos, make her the ideal person to lead the MoT Team Productions to even greater heights.



The Executive Producer and Community Manager at MoT Team Productions. Candy is responsible for a multitude of tasks. This includes reading and composing emails, overseeing the team and channels, and creating and maintaining schedules.Recently, CandyPop's design has been updated to reflect a more sophisticated and mature appearance, aligning with current trends and her personal style. (Note: the image displays Candy's previous design.)Fun Fact: CandyPop is known among the team as the "mother" figure. This is due to her diligent efforts in ensuring that everything is well-managed and organized. Additionally, it's worth noting that CandyPop is the tallest member of the team.When it comes to socializing, CandyPop is often seen spending time with Chloe Octo. Both individuals share a strong bond and enjoy each other's company.She now also works on the MoT Team Productions Patreon, where they make posts, read messages, and manages it. Nicole helps Candy on Patreon.

Elitty Suiko


Meet Elitty Suiko! She is the Main Artist of MoT Team Productions and also holds the position of Director of Art and Illustrations. You can find Elitty on her personal YouTube channel and Twitch, where she streams games and shares her artwork.Elitty Suiko joined the team in 2019, helping with the art for the channel, and many other things, like light editing and recording.As a Vtuber, Elitty Suiko portrays a Kitsune Yokai Shrine Goddess, who takes care of her family's Shrine after the passing of her sister Willow.Here are some fun facts about Elitty: she adores Inari, foxes, rain, and has a slight obsession with Kingdom Hearts!After completing high school, Elitty struggled to find herself, but her love for art was the one thing that helped her get through it. She noticed that many people admired her artwork, which motivated her to pursue a career as a professional artist by taking professional art classes.Elitty Suiko currently offers commissions, especially in Live2D art. If you want to learn more, please click the button below.

Chloe Octo


Meet Chloe Octo, the latest addition to the team! Chloe is a versatile content creator who specializes in social media influencing, video editing, and voice acting. You will see them most frequently on Twitch and YouTube, where Chloe shares their edited live stream videos.Chloe initially joined the team as a helpful assistant, always ready to lend a hand whenever someone needed it. Their role soon evolved, and they started contributing to 3D videos. Over time, Chloe worked harder on the channel, appearing in videos and creating content exclusively about herself.Chloe's popularity grew as they showcased their skills in character voiceovers from popular shows and games and created parody videos about them. People started to recognize Chloe for their unique talents.With the recent announcement of our company, MoT Team Productions, Chloe is excited to continue creating videos about themselves. Expect to see more of them on Twitch and YouTube!

Welcome To MoT Team Productions

We are an Animation Studio that creates captivating and beloved animated shows for your entertainment. Our mission and aspiration are to provide you with the best experience possible. At the moment, we solely produce 3D shows and have no plans to create any other forms of animation content. However, we are always open to exploring new possibilities in the future.Our animated shows are designed for teenagers and young adults, but we also strive to make them accessible to all audiences. Our team may be relatively small, but we are dedicated to working on a small number of shows to ensure the highest quality. Thank you for choosing MoT Team Productions for your entertainment needs.

The Team

Monster of Truth

(Founder/Lead Animator)

Nicole Tyler



(Executive Producer)

Elitty Suiko

(Art/Illustrator Director/Content Creator)

Chloe Octo

(Content Creator/Voice Actor)

Monster of Truth

Monster Of Truth is the primary channel of MoT Team Productions. Here, you can find an array of content ranging from 360º videos featuring gaming and anime, gameplay videos, and VTubing videos. However, the main attraction is our large-scale animation productions that are officially created by MoT Team Productions Company. This is our biggest channel, and we intend to continue using it to promote and release our big production animations.

MoT Sleep Channel

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Then MoT Sleep is the perfect channel for you. We understand how difficult it can be to sleep alone, which is why we created this channel to keep you company. Our selection of characters will provide you with the comfort you need to drift off to sleep. Additionally, we offer a 24/7 Livestream that can be used while you're sleeping or even when you're studying. We're here to help you get the rest you deserve!

Elitty Suiko

Elitty Suiko, a Vtuber and Kitsune Yokai Shrine Goddess who has taken on the responsibility of caring for her family's Shrine after the passing of her sister, Willow. On her channel, you can watch Elitty showcase her talents in art, gaming, and more, with a focus on her VODs. Elitty streams on Twitch and archives her entire streams on her YouTube channel, allowing viewers to easily catch up on any missed content.

Nicole Tyler

This is Nicole Tyler's personal channel where she intends to create her own content. However, she had a challenging start, so the channel is currently on hold. Once she's happy with the type of videos she wants to make, she'll start working on it. It's worth noting that while this is Nicole Tyler's personal channel, it's also owned by MoT Team Productions.

Original Shows

The Shows that matter the most to us, that are written, designed, animated, and produced by us, MoT Team Productions, to finally show everyone what we are capable of. These Shows have not originated from anything, not a game, not a series, the original story, is made by us!

Your Yandere Vampire (2024)

Can you trust a vampire in your home? Even if she's a Yandere? 'Your Yandere Vampire' is a wild ride of love, laughter, and a bit of blood-sucking as a Yandere Vampire girl obsessively follows a human she loves, trying to win their heart. Will she succeed, or will her obsession lead to unforeseen consequences? Join us in 2024 for this unique blend of romance, comedy, and the supernatural that'll make you question how far you'd go for love.

MoT Team

The series about the MoT Team. This is a series that will happen soon, it's the (Fictional Version) story of how MoT was formed into the MoT Team we have now, including Monster, Nicole, Candy, Elitty, and Chloe. Since this is a fictional version of what really happened, a lot of crazy things will happen with each person, and how they joined the team, creating videos, and content, while going on crazy adventures, Stay tuned!

Coming Soon...

More Original Shows will come soon. We want to take as long as we want per show to make them how we want them to look, we will learn with each show, and will get better every time we make a new show!

Fan-Made Shows

We create fan-made shows based on games or series that we believe would be more intriguing with a new storyline or to explore a character with minimal backstory in the original content.

Roxanne Wolf & You

Would you let an Animatronic love you? In this series, Roxanne Wolf has a love interest in a human that goes and meets Roxy in Pizzaplex. However, Animatronics shouldn't be dating humans, which interferes with Roxy's reason to be working at Pizzaplex. They will try their best to be together as long as possible without being seen, but it feels like there is something going on with Pizzaplex that is more dangerous than just an animatronic loving a human. They must understand what is going on, but they won't be able to do this alone. Will they be able to fix this strange event? Or will things go wrong with Roxy and the Human?

Meru The Succubuss & You

Watch out! A Succubus is trying to find you! And She won't take no for an answer! What will you do?
"Meru The Succubus And You" is a series that involves a Succubus called Meru, who meets a human at night in the human's house. Because of this, the human can't explain to others that they now live with a Succubus, or else Meru will kill them. What the human can do is accept that now they live with a succubus, who is literally just bothering the human, but is that really just it, or Meru starts liking them?
Enjoy this crazy series when it comes out!

Monster of Truth

The Show that everyone here knows! It's the 360º animation videos we make that are about any characters from games or series, especially MHA, RWBY, FNAF, DDLC, and even more!
This is our longest and oldest show that is still in the works, and we are not going to end it yet. We will keep grabbing new games and shows and try to have fun while creating these 360º videos. This is the reason why the channel "Monster Of Truth" grew so much, and we will make sure to keep creating awesome content around these to keep it fresh!
We also have 24/7 Livestreams that are 360º based!

More Coming Soon...

The Artist of MoT Team Productions

Meet Elitty Suiko

Welcome! My name is Elitty Suiko, I am a freelance Digital Illustrator and Content Creator. While combining the two, I enjoy streaming on Twitch as my Vtuber self Elitty, a Kitsune Yokai shrine Goddess.Random Facts about Elitty. I love Inari, foxes, rain and have a mild obsession with Kingdom Hearts.After graduating high school I lost myself for awhile and the only thing I was able to keep was my love of Art. I decided to share my artwork with the world and slowly gaining myself back. I'm currently taking art classes to improve and become a professional artist.

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